The Do-It-Yourself (DIY)
Brand Strategy Workshop

It’s everything you need to conduct your own, in-house branding workshop and be the brand hero of your company

No one knows your organization’s brand better than you. So don’t be duped into thinking you have to spend $10,000, $20,000, or $30,000 (or, frankly, much more) for an ad agency or branding consultant to do your branding work for you.

The DIY Brand Strategy Workshop is perfect if…

  • Your business or organization is struggling with its brand identity
  • You’re looking for a rudder to guide your company through difficult economic times
  • You need to differentiate your business from the competition
  • Your business lacks a solid foundation on which to build your marketing and communications efforts


It’s a D.I.Y. Affair

You can do it yourself. Really! You just need the tools. And the BrandXcellence DIY Brand Strategy Workshop kit contains everything you need to facilitate a workshop right in your own company. You don’t need high-paid consultants, arrogant ad agencies, or even a facilitator to begin harvesting the benefits of a well-thought-out brand strategy. Just think. You’ll be the rock star of your business.

(Don't want to do it yourself? Look into our Facilitated Workshop option here and we'll do it FOR you!)

Small Investment, Dramatic Results
The BrandXcellence DIY Brand Strategy Workshop—sold exclusively through—gives you all the tools and resources you need to conduct your own full-day workshop experience. You can instantly download everything you need, including:

  • Brand Workshop Facilitator's Guide--how to facilitate your brand strategy workshop
  • Brand Workshop Facilitator’s Manual--the step-by-step, slide-by-slide companion to the workshop presentation modules
  • Seven Brand Strategy Workshop presentation modules

In a single, one-day session, you and your team will cover:

  • Workshop Introduction
  • The BrandX Definition
  • The BrandX Assessment
  • Desired BrandX Model
  • The BrandX Realm
  • The BrandX Persona
  • BrandXperience: Living the Brand
  • Wrap-up and Action Plan
  • Plus breakout sessions, group exercises, and more

The BrandXcellence DIY Workshop is only $195—a small investment for such dramatic results.

To see the full-day, minute-by-minute schedule, click here.

The BrandXcellence DIY Workshop is only $195—a small investment for such dramatic results.

ORDER NOW and you'll receive a FREE bonus presentation module, “Making the Emotional Connection,” with your order.

But that’s not all! ORDER NOW and you’ll also receive the How-to-Branding DIY Branding Toolkit, including forms, exercises, and process documents to help you develop your own brand strategy. The How-to-Branding DIY Branding Toolkit is a $48 value, but is yours FREE when you order the DIY Workshop today.

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Thank you!

Here’s what one CEO wrote after completing his workshop:

“I just had to take the time to thank you for such a great day. As the owner of three separate corporations that work together to deliver a variety of solutions to our target market, to say it’s been a challenge to “bring it all together” would be an understatement. That is…it was until your workshop. Your workshop did in one day what my staff and I had tried to do for almost two years...bring it all together. We now have what I believe to be not only the most effective positioning our company has ever had...but also the best opportunity to dominate in our marketplace.”

More kudos for the workshop:

“Not only am I more excited now than I have been in a long time...but so is my staff. Having my core team of managers present at the workshop also rejuvenated them. We have labored for months trying to figure out how to focus the many solutions we provide into a simple thought. Your workshop did in one day what we couldn't do in thousands of hours. I couldn’t recommend your workshop more highly. Thanks for everything!!!”

Here’s what another satisfied customer said:

”OMG Michael, its almost midnight and I've just wrapped up with my team on what has to be our most successful and painless brand building exercise EVER!! [The Workshop and Toolkit] added significant value to our processes and saved us a great deal of time! I can't at this point quantify the value we derived from using many portions of the toolkit. Suddenly, the client who was reluctant to pay for a full day workshop (and we don't charge that much, btw) is calling us back in on the 10th to work through the rest of the strategy workshop! Everyone is simply chuffed!”