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Hi, I'm Mike

I believe that no one knows your brand better than you. So don’t waste your time or money hiring an overpriced ad agency or consultant to develop the brand strategy for your business; you can do it yourself. (Although if you're not motivated to DIY it, learn about the Ultimate Build-a-Brand Plan here.)


In my more than two decades of marketing experience, I’ve helped numerous businesses in many different industries grow and prosper because they’ve built their business on a solid foundation of brand positioning and messaging. I’ve learned that branding can be a powerful tool to get more customers, get your current customers to buy more stuff (and more frequently), foster loyalty, and build word-of-mouth buzz about your business. And everything I’ve learned has been distilled into the tools and techniques presented here so you can avoid costly mistakes and steer clear of the potholes on the road to branding success.


If your business, association, or group is looking for a compelling and memorable speaker to teach on branding topics, fill out the contact form above to let us know of your interest.

I'll ensure your account is managed with kid gloves as we help guide you each step of the way through the brand-building process. In addition to stellar account service, I may also be assigned to the creative development of your brand since I am a member of the team of designers and writers who will support your new or refreshed brand identity. I look forward to working with you!

Hi, I'm Samantha

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