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Facilitated Brand Workshop Experience

While provides you with the tools to do-it-yourself, sometimes you just want an experienced professional to do the heavy lifting. That’s understandable.

Now you can host a full-day facilitated workshop experience for your business or organization that will help your company:

  • Arrive at the “one thing”—your brand essence—the core of your promise to your target market

  • Differentiate itself from other competitive offerings

  • Uncover your brand's ideal positioning—why people should buy
Discover an ideal, supporter-friendly structure—the space in which your brand exists

  • Move to the next level of effectiveness in the marketplace

  • Increase the awareness and the perceived value of your brand

  • Bring clarity and effectiveness in your marketing and communications efforts

  • Motivate and inspire your brand team, employees, and other stakeholders

Workshop Description

The facilitated BrandXcellence Brand Strategy Workshop is a full day experience (9:00 sharp starting time and 4:00 ending time with an hour for lunch). Each workshop module incorporates either a group exercise or breakout session designed to answer a pragmatic series of questions leading to clear and actionable conclusions.


A post-workshop deliverable will include a brand strategy document—a brand platform—summarizing the day’s results and providing a roadmap to guide future internal and external marketing and communications efforts.

  • Module 1: Workshop Introduction

  • Module 2: The BrandX Definition

  • Corporate Presentation 1

  • Corporate Presentation 2

  • Module 3: The BrandX Assessment

  • Module 4: The BrandX Model: Relevance and Positioning

  • Module 5: The BrandX Realm

  • Module 6: The BrandX Persona

  • Module 7: The BrandXperience: Living the Brand


For a full description, plus pricing and an agreement to get started,

click here for the PDF.

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