How is Your Brand Doing on the Likability Scale?

I once heard a speaker talk about what he called, the 55-38-7 rule. The context was public speaking and he was conveying the fact that speakers often put too much emphasis on WHAT they are saying, rather than on the delivery. Here’s how 55-38-7 breaks down when addressing an audience:

55% of your impact comes from your face and body 38% of your impact comes from your sound of your voice 7% of your impact comes from your actual words

Yet people asked to speak often fret too much about the words they intend to use rather than the

delivery. This construct made me think of how people perceive brands.

Just like in public speaking, small businesses often turn branding on its head by emphasizing the wrong things. Here’s how the 55-38-7 rule might look for brands:

55% of your impact comes from your social and emotional benefits 38% of your impact comes from your voice and tone 7% of your impact comes from your marketing and communications

Businesses often fret about what their ads say or what a brochure conveys or what words are used on their website. In reality, however, what you offer—your relevant and authentic point of uniqueness—is more impactful to prospects and customers.

And, at the end of the day, people have to trust and LIKE the brands they support. In fact, likeability is often the final decision maker.

When advising a client, advertising guru and author, Roy H. Williams, said: Make them like us. If we win the heart, the mind will follow. Our minds routinely create logic to justify what our hearts have already decided.

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