The Secret to Branding: Shhhh. It’s Simple

Seriously, this is not rocket science. The reason most small businesses struggle with branding is they make it too complex. Too many offerings. No focus. Too large a target market. Confusing name. Too diverse of a value proposition. Unaligned tagline. Lack of personality or voice and tone.

Branding can also be easy IF you keep it super simple. Here’s an example: Name: :10 Minute Manicure (The brand promise is baked right into the name.)

Tagline: Nails Done on the Run® (Like any strong tagline, it supports the name and the value proposition). Logo: A LED-inspired :10 (further tipping in the unique idea of time and speed). Dominant Selling Idea (the value proposition): Speed—for people in a hurry. (Supported by the name, the logo and icon, and the tagline.) Target audience: Businesswomen traveling through airports. So, it would make sense then, that… Location (Place): Airports Simple. Focused. Benefit-oriented. See? Branding really isn’t that difficult. But it can be hard. More info here.

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