Business Naming Fail

Xclear, business naming

If you have to tell people how to say your name…

Then it's probably not a good name. I came across this item in a press release the other day: "Founded

in 2000, Xlear, Inc. (pronounced "clear") is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of xylitol products…"

Hmmm. I would have never guessed at "clear". If you're like me, you probably said "Ex-Lear" in your head. And I likely won't recall the name either. When the only thing people ever talk about is how to pronounce their name--and not what the company does and what makes them different--that's a red flag.

The name becomes like spinach in their teeth, making everyone focus on that one thing to the detriment of the rest of the company.

More on successful naming here.

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