Rebranding Done White (Right)

One of the most common criticisms of rebranding (and in this case, I’m focusing on the corporate identity—or logo redesign—aspect of rebranding) is that it isn’t necessary. Founders and loyal customers alike often become wedded to the original mark and wonder why a change is necessary at all.

But in most cases, a logo becomes dated, irrelevant, and tired with time and use (and misuse). Some notable examples of timeless logos are Coca-Cola’s iconic script or the Ford Motor Company signature, both of which have gone through evolutions over the decades, but still maintain their original integrity and intent.

Which brings me to White Knight Laundry Services. White Knight offers domestic laundry services, serving businesses like hotels, restaurants, and healthcare, as well as individual households throughout the South and Southeast of England. They also hold a Royal Warrant, meaning they are cleared to serve the royal family’s laundry needs.

The redesign speaks for itself. What a dramatic improvement. While I could wax on about the lameness of the original logo, I would rather admire the excellence of the new mark.

From the royal purple background to the photographic treatment of the mark itself, the before-and-after is a testament to the power and validity of rebranding when done right. The primary words in the name—White, Knight, and Laundry—are all elegantly captured and reinforced by the simple visual of the pressed and gleaming linens creating the armor helmet. Simple, memorable, and stands by itself with the wordmark portion of the logo.

I look at a lot of redesigns, and in my book, this one is a real winner.

For more on logo design theory, click here.

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