Way Smarter than Bugs

Creating a new category to win in the marketplace

When positioning your brand, it’s always better to be different than to be better. “Better” products play in the commodity sandbox. “Different” products make prospective customers stop and think, “Hmmmm”.

Case in point, killing pesky insects in your home. Let’s see…should I spray, dust, use a gel, use baits, or call an extermination service? Should I get one specifically for roaches or ants or some all-species formula? Should I use one that works fastest? One that’s said to be the strongest? One that says it smells best? The cheapest? Of course, we’re all concerned about harming people, pets, and the environment. So how do I choose?

Along comes Zevo. It’s doesn’t simply differentiate on a “better” attribute; it’s different.

That’s because Zevo didn’t just come up with some new-and-improved formula to compete with the thousands of other products available to eliminate bugs; they created a new category of insecticide.

According to their website, Zevo sprays kill a wide range of insects using Bio-Selective™ Technology to target nerve receptors vital only to bugs, not people or pets. Their proprietary formula is powered by essential oils and other familiar ingredients consumers can feel good about. The ingredients in Zevo Instant Action Sprays are inspired by plants’ natural defenses against bugs. Because it’s naturally-inspired, their formulas are safe for families.

Any formulation can kill a bug. But Zevo, using its bio-selective technology, created a new category that outsmarts insects.

And that’s how you create a preference for your product instead of swimming in a sea of hungry competitors.

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