The Ultimate Build-a-Brand Plan

Does your marketing suck? Looking to attract more and better customers? Do your marketing efforts lack coordination, consistency, and worst of all, lack results?


Especially for small businesses looking supercharge their marketing and start kicking ass in the marketplace, the Ultimate Build-a-Brand Plan will give you the foundational principles, all the components you need to build your brand, plus the tools and techniques that will make your marketing sing instead of suck.


The Ultimate Build-a-Brand Plan is an all-inclusive, end-to-end, high-impact solution for your small business that includes everything you need to build your brand—and provide guidance for your marketing efforts—professionally, quickly, and effectively.


What you get the Ultimate Build-a-Brand Plan:

A 6-month program of guidance and creation as we work together on…

  • Your Initial brand assessment

  • All the materials you need to conduct a preliminary brand strategy workshop with your staff or key stakeholders Your brand strategy plan, including our proprietary Brand LaunchPad™ to guide your marketing efforts

  • 6 months of phone consultation/coaching or email support and on-line meetings (it’s like having your own agency on retainer!)

  • Monthly webcast for idea sharing and collaboration with other Ultimate Build-a-Brand Plan members

  • PLUS, Let prospects and customers know…

    • WHO you are with an inspired company name

    • WHAT you do with a concise, focused descriptor

    • HOW you do it with a memorable tag line

  • You’ll set your business or yourself apart with…

    • Your visual identity, a custom company logo

    • Your unique voice and tone, your own business brand book

    • Your verbal pitch, a succinct and compelling elevator pitch

    • Your brand roadmap to guide your marketing efforts in social spaces, online, in print, or in your sales environment.

    • A Marketing Roadmap for the coming year

    • OR, in lieu of naming, logo, and tagline development (if you already have any of those components that you’re happy with), 30 hours of marketing/creative services (for print ad, collateral, marketing planning, or other need)

It’s virtually everything you need to brand your business and supercharge your marketing.


All for only $750 per month for six months! Only 12 clients are being accepted. These services and deliverables would cost tens of thousands of dollars with a traditional ad agency or studio.


Just fill in the no-obligation contact form and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss next steps.

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"We started with an idea for a brand new craft brewery, a strong and diverse core team, and a ton of ideas. BrandXcellence managed to work with all our different directions and concepts to create a strong, cohesive brand using our collective input—crystallizing and fusing all the most important elements—that make us who we are as a company. Their Ultimate Build-a-Brand Plan has led us through our entire development including building design, our service values, the development of our processes,  our relationship to the community, our look and feel, and our ultimate professional personality. The milestone of having our brand solidified, clearly communicated and shared is one of the most critical factors to our development as a highly functioning team and our success as a new business. Thank you BrandXcellence!!!"

Clare D.

Craft Brewery

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